The College has two Units(200 seats) of NSS. One unit(100 seats) reserved for boys students whereas one unit(100 seats) researved for girls students. All the NSS Volunteers who have served NSS for at least 2 years and have performed 240 hours of work under NSS are entitled to a certificate from the university under the signature of the Vice-Chancellor and the Programme Coordinator. College organized a Special Camps of 7days once in a year as well as several one day camps.

Aim of the NSS Camp:

The programme aims to instill the idea of social welfare in students, and to provide service to society without bias. NSS volunteers work to ensure that everyone who is needy gets help to enhance their standard of living and lead a life of dignity. In doing so, volunteers learn from people in villages how to lead a good life despite a scarcity of resources. it also provides help in natural and man-made disasters by providing food, clothing and first aid to the disaster's victims.

Types of Activities:

There are two types of activities: Regular Activities(120 hours) and Annual Special Camp(120 hours). Camps are usually located in a rural village or a city suburb. Volunteers may be involved in such activities as:

1. Cleaning
2. Afforestation
3. Stage shows or a procession creating awareness of such issues as social problems, education and cleanliness
4. Awareness Rallies
5. Inviting doctors for health camps

There are no predefined or preassigned tasks; it is left up to the volunteers to provide service in any way that is feasible. Camps typically last between a week and 10 days, although camps for shorter periods are also conducted by NSS.

NSS Awards

To recognize the voluntary service rendered by NSS volunteers, Programme Officers (PO's), NSS Units and the University NSS Cells, it has been proposed to provide suitable incentives/ awards under the scheme. Awards include:

NSS National Award

1. State level awards
2. University level awards
3. District level awards
4. College level awards

This award for the appreciable work of the volunteer in the College level camp. and overall performance of the student is the given year.


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